My husband owes over $10,000 in back support.

by Michelle
(Rochester, NY, USA)

My husband has two children with a woman that lives in New Mexico. We live in New York. Well two years ago my husband received a letter from a court in NM stating that there was a court date to establish child support and if he had any arguments that he would have to be there at that time, the court date was less than a week away from when he received the letter, now he tried calling numerous times to get a hold of someone to see what his other options were because there was no way we could get the money together for him to get from NY to NM on such short notice, no one returned his calls. At that time he had no job, so I have no idea how they expected him to pay over $400 a month in child support.

He does not even have a job now, but no one ever gets back in contact with him. Also his name is not even on either one of the kids birth certificates, paternity has not been established, though he does not deny the kids, also he has not even met the youngest of the two, he was kicked out of the house before she was even born. and he was only able to see his son for a couple months before he got kicked out. Is there anything we can do about this because he cannot afford the back child support or the current support for that matter, and I hate having to deal with this every time I file my taxes.

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child support
by: Anonymous

in NM if the father is not on the birth certificate a paternity test must be done. Unless he had already talked to them before and didnt deny the children. Here is a number to contact them at the child support agency in nm. They do not have direct lines. Have him ask to speak to his case worker. If he wants to hold off tell him to tell them he wants DNA tests done before any payments are made. Their is no proof he is the father unless he is on the birth certificate, or he dont deny it. Its best just to go for the tests. Not sure what part of NM the mother lives in, but in Las Vegas NM most case workers will favor the custodial parent.


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