My ex-wife is the devil

by Jim
(Burlington, County, NJ US)

I just don't know what to do anymore. The NJ child support judges are a real mess. My ex is completely off her rocker and is destorying my two daughters lives. By having a child support warrant hanging over my head for the last 4 years. She lies to the courts about everything. She is literally kill my children from the inside out and she doesn't care. She kicked my 13 year old out of her house. Then she expects me to take my daughter to school, drive with a suspended license (because of child support) She needs to be locked up and the key thrown away. There's nothing else in this world I can do!

I have spoke to ex co-workers to see if they can talk to her. But she thinks all of this is my fault. She could have stopped this fighting about child support 4 years ago. She claims I should get a job. When I have worked at the same job now since 1997. She wants me to pay child support based upon an amount I have never made $85,000. The courts are the problem and need to keep out of these issues! But to document this! The NJ Courts are f-ed up. My daughter will drop out of high school, become a drug addict and have a child before she's 16! My two daughters ages 13 and 9. I am a father who just can't take it anymore. I see why the fathers leave! I tried with all my heart to be there for my daughters. But I was completely wrong! Killing me.

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Hang in there Jim
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Jim,

We just wanted to encourage you to hang in there for your kids. It's a shame the mother would act in this manner.

Have you ever tried to get custody? Don't allow child support to get the best of you.

Take care,

by: Jim

I did try and get custody, She fights me on everything and the judge ignored the issue and said there's no need to modify or change the custody.

My Ex is also a devil!
by: Shawn

Jim, I feel for you man! My ex is also is doing things all wrong and hateful. I have 3 daughters and after our divorce she was able to take them to TX bc that is where her BF lives. (he's in the military and got transfered) It is beyond me why the judge (from Warrensburg MO.) would allow this.

I pay child support I got them every other weekend and they love me to death! Why the judge let them go is so WRONG!! Anyway my wife just recently started having my pay garnished for back pay plus regular child support. I was never late but once! She is trying to get support for months in the summer when I had them.

I don't get how our government is so one sided when it comes to custody! I fought like crazy to get them at least every other weekend and couldn't even get that. I'm really bummed that my daughters and I don't get to have that father/daughter relationship I wanted so bad.

I'm from a divorced family and never got the love from parents so all I ever wanted was to change that for my kids. BTW..she is the one who left me for another guy. There was proof she cheated and all but it don't matter I guess. I'm very disapointed in the system!!!

You are not alone
by: Yazmin

I am the mother of two beautiful lil girls 13 &11. I am also the non custodial parent. I lost my children when I joined the army trying to make a better financial living for us. Little did I know my ex had diffent plans. After serving over seas & in war I was denied custody of my daughters & I was automatically behind on child support payments.

I don't know how the system considers this just. After getting out of the military from injury my childrens father received a $12,000 check ( on my childrens behalf) for back pay of my injuries. I assumed this money would be applied toward my back child support being that I could afford to pay while waiting for disability to kick in.

It did not & not only did he get rewarded for my suffering but I still have to pay for my back child support on top off the money he already received all while on a fixed income. I have not seen my daughters in 3 years because he says if I can't pay my back support them how can I afford to see them.

I'm lucky if I hear from them once a month & when I do it's not for long at all plus my lil one doesn't even want to talk to me. I have no idea what kind of trash he has filled their heads with. What a way to appreciate our soldiers. My broken heart goes out to you.

stay strong
by: Anonymous

Sorry, this sounds terrible. Hang in there and be patient is about all I can say. I too have an evil ex wife who bent me over a barrel by getting me arrested and threatening to lie to put me away. Hopefully one day the real truth comes out, or Kharma gets her, but the justice system is so broken. Believe in a a GOD of justice even if he is no where to be found.

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