My ex-husband wants to modify the support order

by Nikki
(Medina, OH)

I was in a serious car accident last year and my ex-husband (residential parent) wants to help me modify my support order. We work with the Medina County Ohio CSEA.

I had a modification hearing set up last month but my ex-husband was unable to attend the hearing due to being unable to miss work. The prosecutor in my case told me we only had one chance for mediation which is free at the court and then the mediator would present the agreed modification to the judge for approaval.

She also said if he didnt show up to file for a legal modification hearing which costs $75 to file. We have an agreement to drop $3,500.00 of back support owed directly to him and a $100 a month payment from here on out.

Do I have to file for a full blown hearing or is there some way around this that you know of? Thank you so much for any advise in advance. Everyday that goes by I go into debt further and further!!

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by: Nikki

Just an update, we filed a for mediation through our counties domestic relations court and the mediator drew up our agreement and presented it to the judge for approval and it was so ordered. The perfect end to a mutual agreement, so simple as well.


I will say when I went back into to my continued hearing for contempt of court on failure to pay my ordered child support amount the csea's prosecuting attorney was not so impressed with the fact that my arrearages had been reduced by some $5200.00 and that my new support amount was $100.00 which is the total amount of disability I get in a month from the county where I reside. I was informed by the mediation magistrate that my disability was not eligible income in determining child support & wanted to know if I still was wanting to proceed with using to pay the support obligation and I agreed to go forward and pay it. This prosecutor decided to interrogate and humiliate me over my disability in a closed room for over an hour before we went in front of the magistrate and during the hearing the prosecutor continued to explain her frustrations with my husband & I & our ever continuing case to the judge. She explained that my ex-husband has reported her to her boss, called everyone in the state, and yelled at her over the phone in the past years. She simply was contesting the contempt hearing on my behalf not to be continued & basically made it clear she was out to settle a score, I guess myself being the one who was getting the grunt of her frustrations & she was not going to let up. The magistrate discussed our agreement with me & our new found communication with each & encouraged us to continue what we were doing on our end & in turn dismissed the original motion of contempt that the prosecutor had filed against me.

Now I'm wondering how to deal with this prosecutor, in order for her to not interfere in our case in a negative manner again. I will say her agitation, negative comments, and down right low opinion of me did not cease after being dismissed from the chambers. She followed me into the waiting room continued to belittle me & as I got more frustrated I tried walking away, she would chase after me to stop me so she could continue her ranting behavior. I finally just continued out of the building as she was still babbling on about what else she believed I needed to do to settle my child support obligations. Somehow I cannot believe that this is professional behavior on the part of a csea prosecuting attorney.

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