My Ex Wants A Child Support Modification

by Becky

My ex recently quit his job after 10 years, walked out with a ton of money in his retirement. We just went to court in February and got child support adjusted (lower). Since that went into effect he has opened his own business selling guns and law enforcement gear but does not disclose any income from it. He is also a trust-fund baby. His parents own two banks and he collects dividends every quarter but denies any money however, his tax return shows he gets money! He just bought a new Harley Davidson Motorcycle and his "part time" business is booming selling guns.

He thinks that because he is only getting $1900 a month in unemployment he does not owe me anything. I also know that he was offered a high paying management job that pays close to what he was making before he quit his job. Our son lives with me and goes to his Dad's on the weekend. I provide all health care, daycare, clothes, school needs...

I thought that if a person quits their job on their own free will and unemployment is very temporary the support order stays the same, and because he is getting a job that pays close to equal of what his last job paid? He just paid me for the last two months of child support that he was late on. He filed a Motion to reduce his child support and I'm pretty sure of what I want to say in my response but want to make sure I am correct, or if there is anything else I need to know. I don’t have money for an Attorney and his Mom paid for his.

Thank You.

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Becky,

It sounds like your ex is beating the system. It also sounds like you don't want to willfully give him a child support modification either. If you don't have an attorney make sure you are very prepared at your court hearing. Gather all the information you can about his apparent income.

Not having a lawyer is a disadvantage but you can manage if you are on your p's and q's. Also feel-free to look into our VIP Membership Program. We have an inexpensive Legal Plan that is very beneficial. We really hate to see people not have any legal counsel of some sort. It's not a good thing.

Well take care and we wish you the best,


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