My Ex Owes Back Child Support But He Won't Pay


I live in Ohio and my ex is on SSI. He was court ordered to pay child support for our daughter. The judge told him the he has to pay from July 2007 to current. Since we were in court, he has only sent in $10.00 dollars he owes over $600.00 dollars in back child support. I spoke with my casework about him not paying and she said that they can’t do anything about it, because he is on SSI. She also stated that he gets to choose if he wants to pay or not even with it being court ordered. Can you tell me if this is true? How can child support not do anything about him not paying, and does my ex get pick when he pays even with us having a court order.

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What County Are You In
by: Child Support America Team Member


Before we offer our advice, what county do you live in here in Ohio? Simply comment back to this post and we will respond back.


My Ex Owes Back Child Support But No One Makes Him Pay
by: Anonymous


What you can do
by: Child Support America Team Member


Just so you know, Child Support America was started right here in Stark County Ohio. To answer your question, I believe your case worker is correct.

Child Support cannot take out wages from someone who is on SSI or Disability. They receive their income from the government, so this cannot happen.

However, there are things you can do, but it's an up hill climb. You can take your ex to court for contempt of a child support order. Sometimes the courts will take action, and sometimes they won't.

I would try and talk to your ex, to see if you guys can come to a fair understanding about what is owed. Let him know that your are considering taking him to court for non-payment.

You can file a motion to do this on your own without a lawyer. If you ever need legal assistance we do provide a low cost legal service. Also feel free to sign up for our monthly e-zine newsletter to keep updated on the latest child support news.

Well, I hope this helps and contact us anytime by responding back to this post.


what if?
by: Anonymous

What if my ex owes 11,000 and i have went to child support (in calif) and they are the ones who have done nothing they have all the info they need but it goes on every year that they are going to file contemt but nothing happens?

SSI and childsupport
by: Anonymous

There is a law against ppl on SSI having to pay childsupport. He can pay as little a $1 a month towards the arrears to keep out of jail. Some states don't make them pay for any arrears at all.

I'm on SSI n don't have to pay my ex anything. My paperwork got screwed up leaving me w $400 in arrears due to the courts mistake. I send them $1 a month. My ex who has been in jail 4x for not paying support on his other kids got custody of my youngest 2 after I found out i have a debilitating disease.

I don't feel guilty about not paying him support bc in 6yrs all I got from him was $300. He is not disabled n can work. I'm sorry but it is unfortuneate that there is a law against paying support for ppl on SSI. In my case it is a blessing bc my ex is a deadbeat dad but bc I live in FL n he lives in MI I couldn't keep going back up there to fight bc he filed there.

I hope he is at least man enough to send your kids things they need anyway. In my case it is a blessing to me bc I supported my kids on my own while he got drunk everyday n cheated on me n verbally n phsically abused me for 8yrs. In my case I think God is teaching him a lesson on what it's like to be a single parent n not get support since he has 3 other cases he never paid on til last yr.

Plus my kids. I forgave him for the back support he owed me but he's trying to continue to abuse me by enforcing the $400. In the end these men r just hurting the kids bc they want to try to continue to abuse us woman. Good luck to u. I hope u get ur money.

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