My Ex Is Lying About Income And Assets

I have been divorced since 2005. I have 4 children all with my ex-husband. Child support has never been modified.

On Feb. 13,2009 my ex was in an auto accident (not his fault), and claims to have back injuries preventing him from working. He has applied for social security and was denied, and is waiting for his appeal to be heard. Last month he filed for a modification claiming he is receiving much less from the insurance company. I would not agree because of his assets.

He has bought a motorcycle and a four this past year, and claims they were gifts.His name also appears on the deed to a house. Plus owns a camper and rents a campsite yearly, that he is saying belongs to a family member (which all of my children say is a lie).

He has also recently contacted a local contracted to add rooms on to his girlfriends house which he plans to pay for. The other day his lawyer mentioned that my ex received $125,000.00 last year from the insurance company.

How can I prove that he is lying with out hiring an attorney. I am on a limited income and currently receive government help and can not afford a lawyer. My ex is currently paying $422.00 bi-weekly for the 4 children.

Thank you for your help.

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Regina,

Thanks for your question. There really is no way to prove anything yourself. An attorney will be able to supbeona the insurance company records and prove in court the amount he received. Your ex may also be in trouble for not reporting that income. We understand your situation but sometimes an attorney can really get things moving. You can check out our V.I.P. membership this may help you as well. We provide a low cost legal plan. Click on the VIP membership button on your left for details.

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