My Daughter Was Adopted At 14 Months Old

by Michael

I have a situation where my "daughter" (Born July 1, 1998)was adopted to my ex's husband without my knowledge. Apparently, she placed a legal notice for adoption in her local newspaper and sent me a copy of it after the 30 days. My question is that I have been paying on the owed child support since 2001 as I have had a job.

I originally owed $100 per week and she was adopted at about 14 months from what I understand which totals about $5600. How is it that I have paid over $10,000 over the years and they are stating that I still owe another $9,000. First of all, I have a 15 year old son which was born before this little girl so I do not understand how they granted her $100 a week. I only pay $50 to my son's mother.

I also have 2 other kids. They are now taking $120 out of my check every week and I only make $350 before taxes. I know something fishy is going on since this is almost half my pay, but it is difficult because I have no way of obtaining these adoption records. To top it all off, my ex passed away on April 25, 2010. What do I do to end this mess? Please advise.


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by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Michael,

Have you contacted the Social Security Administration?


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