My Daughter Is 18 Now Thank God

Huh my ex who is a preacher will not forgive my back child support even though until now I have not work and did not work which is why I gave him my girl when we split . I done been locked up once and still owe arrears I am going to start paying to that as soon as I can which is looking like august hope they not find me till then . Least I can say I have job finally and am trying sad part is my girl not live with her dad came to live with me at 16 all broken what a mistake i made letting him raise her. I never r took him for child support i just put in an order to stop child support current . I figured i did not pay why should he. Anyhow hope i stay free I have two more kids and raising them poor and not life has been good as well we have have a home and live the best we can together

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