My children are owed $300,000 in back child support

by marge

I am the custodial parent of two children, one is 19 and the other is 17. I have had a judgement for child support since 2001. A judgement he has ignored since then and continues to do so. In 2004, me and my children moved from CA. to NV. I opened a case in NV, but was told I had to continue dealing with CA, since it was the state I initiated the case. My case worker is in NV. Confusing it is. And when I make phone calls to CA. I then get told I have to call NV.

This father, has evaded he's whereabouts since before we moved. In 2005, he impregnated someone else in CA. Guess what, he's not paying child support for that child either. In 2008, I traveled to CA for a child support date where the judge ordered him to start paying arrears (sp?) in the amount of $600 a month.

He paid maybe, $500 total. I guess to show that he is making an "effort". What a joke. 2009 was probably the last payment of $50 that my kids received. It amazes me that this person can continue to walk the streets of LA without a worry in the world and that the state of CA will not enforce their own orders. I called the CA office today to find out what was going on with my case. Today, was the first time I was told that CA "supposedly" does the work on the case but that I need to call NV for any answers. The person in CA stated that she was giving me information that she did not have too, when I asked if they have tried to find him with the social security, phone number, possible job location and last known address that I provided long ago.

Her answer to me was "if he doesn't want to be found, he will not be found." Wow, pretty profound. I'm sure if I had gotten Welfare from the state of CA. you bet they would have located him in a hot minute. They want their money back. They want to be paid. It doesn't matter if in the interim, I've lost my house, have had to file for bankruptcy and that my source of income has dropped dramatically. (self-employed). Oh, I also provided information on his marriage last year to someone who is not from this country.

And since I know him so well, he did it for money. Isn't that against the law? But, I also know that when you marry someone from another country so she can become legal, he has to show that he can support her. He has to show where he lives, where he works, that they have a bank account together, etc. And so I suggested going to Immigration for his whereabouts. Her answer to me was "we're not going to investigate another person, even if she is the wife."

I could be wrong, but I thought once you got married, his child support, becomes hers? Joint money? So, anyway, after my unsuccessful attempts at getting information on my kids $300,000, I hung up the phone and called the phone number that the CA. lady begrudgingly gave me for the NV dept.of support services and going thru automated messages, because there options have changed, finally was told the wait time would be, get this, 79 minutes. What do you suppose I did, yup, I hung up.

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