My 18 year old twin daughter moved in with her father

by Karen
(New Jersey)

My 18 year old twin daughter just moved in with her father whom did nit have any visitation with her for 15 years nor did he have any contact. She started to visit him last year when she could drive and he told her things to make her angry at me and alienate me as a parent so she would move into his house when she turned 18.

She will start college next week. Both twins lived with me for 16+ years I was the only parent in their lives and paid all their expenses, medical bills housing clothing etc and I received support for both girls from dad. Her twin sister lives at home with me.

I obtained all of my daughter who moved out's college money through a lawsuit so that's not an issue. The issue at hand is how much does my child support get modified due to one child moving in with Dad.

It was 1736 for both children monthly due to many COLA adjustments and lower income for me at time it was determined. We had agreed not to re-visit at time of divorce and accept COLA adjustment. Do I lose these now? My ex works for board of ed so he does not pay for the insurance he provides girls.

The twin who lives with me has no overnights with dad and the twin who moved to dads has not come to my home for overnights. I make 54,500 and my ex husband makes about 70,000 how do you calculate the reduction in support by one child moving to dads.

There are no other expenses for him nor support obligations except those for our children. Please help me do this fairly as I can barely pay my mortgage as it is and this may render me homeless. I really am very scared and shellshicked Thanks

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