Mother said dad was dead but gets back child support

by Carolyn

My mother and father divorced 1989 in Texas when I was 12 . they had five children. in 1990 mother said dad had died. I was on my own or in states care by age 13 . I never went back to live with mother. I have 3 younger siblings and one older , (the eldest died in 2012)

however when I was 17 a few weeks before my 18 birthday, I had my the younger siblings at my apartment in the end of the weekend I drove them to my moms and stepfathers house where they lived and when I went to open the door , found it was locked. after which I peered through the front window and saw that there was no furniture in the house. they had cleared out and left town.

I got a call two weeks later from our mother she was in Mississippi headed to Alabama and wasnt coming back.

I took on the role of raising my two brothers and sister, I bought school clothes joined PTA they were two years behind, everybody for caught up and eventually graduated went to college or the armed forces. I paid for doctors visits years of allowances birthday parties vacations to Disneyland prom dress glasses corrective shoes field trips private art lessons.etc..

17 years pass from the time my father "died" when my brother I raised calls me from Ft Bragg NC to tell me he found paperwork at his house(where my mother her husband and the half siblings were living) saying our dead father had a court date in Dallas for back child support.

on the day of the hearing I got there right as the judges gavel banged ordering my "dead" daddy, who was obviously very much alive to pay 600 a month to my mother. that was 6-16-2005

my question is how can I get the payments to my mother and stepfather to cease being garnished from my fathers paycheck. he's very close to all his children now and grandchildren, we see each other everyday' although my mother also lives in Dallas I see her once every few months.
this is extremely unfair. please help.

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