Mother Requesting Back Child Support For Unknown Child

We reside in Colorado and my husband was served with papers in April of 2010 that he may be the father of a child born in 2001.

My husband has never received contact from the Mother despite her statements that she looked for him. My husband has been listed in the phone book and has never left the town he lived in when he had a one time relation with the mother - he is very well known and easy to find.

As a result of the Notification he did take a paternity test and it was confirmed he is the father. There is no father listed on the birth certificate and according to Child Support this is the first request of the mother for child support. She had received federal aid for the child in 2009 and the state is now pursuing child support orders - this was NOT initiated by the mother and as a result the mother requested back support.

We are more than excited to know about this child and are willing to do everything in our power to provide opportunities and support for this child from here forward but we are also struggling and have 2 children of our marriage.

The mother is requesting back child support from birth and the state is pursuing repayment of the financial aid provided for the child in 2009. We met with the mother and she told us that she was sorry to ask for back child support but she needs to pay some of her bills that have piled up and/or get enough to file for bankruptcy as well as buy a new car.

We are running through all the emotions of finding out he has a child and he feels GUILTY because the mother kept his baby away from him for almost 9 years and he feels he has let down a child by not having the opportunity to be a part of her life.

My question is concerning the back support and Financial Aid received by the child - Will we have to pay all of the "arrears" when there was no knowledge of this child, no prior support order and no father's name listed on the birth certificate?

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Child Support Questions
by: CSA Staff

Thanks for your questions. First things first. Paternity was established and he was proven to be the father. that overrides the issue of his name not being on the birth certificate. in other words he is responsible to support her. As far as the arrears it depends on the judge who reviews the case. It is a possibility that he could be responsible for the back support. With the financial aid, you could ask that it be split. Not that you should cover 100%.


Same issue
by: Anonymous

Except the father is the one who was looking for the child. The father finaly succeded in finding the child but only after she turned 18 and moved away from the mother and got a facebook account. Now that the child has been found by the father the mother is requesting back child support for 10 years. The mother never requested child support in the past nor tried to find the father to confirm with a DNA test. Is the father liable for any child support?

Back child support
by: Anonymous

Got a call today and a woman said that 24 years ago she slept with my husband and got pregnant. Does she get back child support? There was never a single phone and his mother still lives in the same house! HELP!!!

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