Mother Refuses Child Support And Wont Allow Visitation Rights

by Scott

My daughter is 6 years old and I haven't seen her since she was one. Her mom keeps moving and refuses to let me even see her. Her mother has recently married and in the last few months moved from Louisiana to Washington. I had to find this out through third parties. My name is on the birth certificate and she did not notify me or the state that she was moving with my little girl, she just up and left. I do have a child support case for my daughter, but her mother refused so the order is for $0.

I think her mom believes if I'm not paying support then I don't have the right to see her but I offered and she wouldn't accept it. She even sent $2400 back to me when I first tried to pay.

I miss my baby girl and am really teed off. A couple months ago an attorney called me that the mother had hired. He wanted me to sign away my parental rights so her new husband could adopt my daughter based on the facts that I hadn't paid support in years and hadn't seen the girl. When I informed him that she refused support and was hiding my daughter from me, the attorney dropped the case, but what's to keep her from trying this in Washington and telling them she has no idea how to reach me? Any suggestions?

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member


We applaud you for wanting to reestablish a relationship with your daughter. To pull this off you will need to file a motion in Washington for standard visitation rights. Do you have a address or phone number where the mother can be reached?

You can answer via this post.


by: Scott

No I don't have anything, she's refused to give it to me. Why in Washington? I was under the impression that the state of Louisiana still had jurisdiction because she's not considered a resident of Washington until she has lived there for 6 months which she hasn't and there is an open case here for child support through the courts even though she refuses it.

by: Anonymous

You should stay away. There is usually a pretty good reason why a mother refuses visitation and after 5 years no one would blame her.

The comment above is pathetic
by: Anonymous

Good luck to you.

Women are crazy at the best of times!

Its never too late, your daughter deserves to know her father.

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