Modifying Child Support And Medical Coverage

My ex wife and I both live in Ohio. I brought her to US from overseas and put her through school so she can get a good job. Soon after, my position at work was eliminated so I went back to school thinking she will support me for a bit while I finish my education. But the minute she got her US Citizenship she left me for another man.

I am now left with a full time class schedule that does not allow me to hold a full time job and a child support and medical support order that I cant afford to pay. Last year I made under $10,000. I submitted a request for an administrative review on the basis that I earn under the poverty guidelines and should not be required to pay the medical support.

I got no reply. I sent papers again, and again no answer. When I called, someone at the agency told me that they already reviewed my income in December of 2010 (which they did, and they modified my order making it HIGHER) and they won’t do it again in April 2011.

I sent them copies of my Income Taxes as proof that I earned below poverty level and was ignored again and again. I received NO REPLY from anyone stating the reason they are not looking at my request for an administrative review.

I have 3 questions:

1. Can the agency just completely ignore my request for an administrative review? Noone ever called me or sent me any paperwork explaining their decision. The only way I can get an answer out of them is when I call and demand to speak to someone and then I am told: we looked at your stuff in 2010, we wont do it again. Is this even legal?

2. My tax return shows that I make below $10,000 yet the agency will do NOTHING to adjust anything on my order. They made a decision in December 2010 based on God knows what, even though I have taxes and W2s to prove I do earn what they claimed I do. My child support order reviewed in 2010 was based on $20,000, but I DID NOT MAKE $20,000, they actually RAISED it form my initial amount. Isnt' the agency required to accept my proof that I am below the poverty level? Why do I still have to pay medical support?

3. My son completely refuses to see me or to call me. He wont return any messages. I tried taking him out for lunch a few times, but he won’t speak to me. My ex tells me “he hates you and does not want to ever see you”, but I know it’s not true, he is only 12 and I raised him!! And I had a great relationship with him all these years. What can I do? I don’t want to drag my son to court and I don’t have money for a lawyer.

Please help.
Thank you

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