Mississippi Again Behind The Child Support Times

by Anthony
(Biloxi, MS, USA)

I am a father of well lets say a few wonderful children. I will be the first to say that I am not perfect and yes I have been a "dead beat dad" at times when I lost a job or was in between jobs. This has resulted in my license being suspended. I have never understood why you would do something like suspend a person’s license so you can't work to fulfill your obligation.

I know of a few men, my father being one of them that drives on a suspended license anyway because they have to work. That is a risk they are willing to take in order to provide for a family, but the reality of it is driving illegally just opens a who new set of problems like tickets, incarceration, fines; all which results in money being taking away from the children and going to someone else’s pocket.

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of what the DHS is here for? The point I am trying to make is, why can't Mississippi offer a hardship license or some temp license for work like so many other states? They give them to people who lost their driver's license because of a DUI, to perform an act that could hurt or worst kill someone. Why are we again behind the times?

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We Agree
by: Child Support America Team Member


We completely agree about some of the laws set in place to hinder non-custodial parents from paying child support. We do believe that there should be some sort of consequences, but are not sure what they should be. The fact is there are people who are very neglectful about paying support. Our rule of thumb is, try to pay something every month, even its only $10.

It shows good faith and can save you from being severely penalized in the future. But like you said, we don’t believe that suspending someone’s license or sending them to jail is the answer.


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