Medical insurance coverage issue

(Cuyahoga County)

My ex has legal custody of our daughter and I pay support. He lost his job and no longer has insurance for her. My current husband has had my daughter on his health insurance plan for the last 7 years however my ex refuses to use that insurance coverage. He says the court order states he is to provide coverage, which is true, however, since he now has NO insurance why do I need to modify the court order (and pay court costs and attorneys fees) to force him to use my husband's insurance? If the CSEA can modify our order by having me pay extra money (in cash medical support) why can't they also modify the order to force my ex to use my husband's health insurance coverage for our daughter? My ex has NOT notified me that he no longer has health insurance. I am assuming this based on the new CSEA modification paperwork I received showing the breakdown of my support amount which now includes cash medical support. Thank you.

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by: Anonymous

I know you dont want to pay court costs or fees, but in order to get the support lowered you are still gonna have to go to court to modify it. Its up to the judge if they want to use your husbands medical insurance unless your ex refuses to use it. My point is your gonna still pay court cost and fees to modify. Especially if you have a lawyer. Here is the website you can do re-search on for your county on medical support. Good Luck I hope this helps you out.

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