Medical Dental Deductibles Not Paid

by kim
(Lyons, Colorado)

My ex-husband is responsible for medical and dental deductibles by decree and support agreement. He has deducted such medical & dental payments from his child support payments in the past stating that those charges should have been paid by me with the child support payment he sent. We had two children together, one which will reach the age of majority on May 16. Which in Colorado is 18, I believe.

Said daughter still lives in my home and has one more year of high school. She will be a senior and graduate in 2011. Ex sent half payment for said daughter this month. Decree and settlement agreement state he no longer has to pay child support when child reaches the age of 18. No other conditions apply to payment.

I live in Colorado and have resided here with my two children full time for the past 10 years. Ex husband lives on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where the divorce decree was processed. My question is, if ex refuses to pay arrears of deductibles do I have recourse with Colorado laws? Thanks and please let me know if you need further info.....Kim

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi KIm,

You will have to contact your local child support office because every state's laws are different. Does your decree state that he can deduct the medical from monthly payments?


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