Medical Coverage Upstate New York

by Dave
(Upstate NY, USA)

I live in NYS and am responsible to provide 62% of my two childrens medical expenses. At the time of the order being established, the children's mother's medical coverage was the most affordable and I pay 62% of that monthly along with child support and day care costs. I am also responsible for 62% of any additional medical costs (Rx's, medicince, copays).

After the last court date I enrolled in additional insurances to assist in paying my 62% of the costs. My son has orthodontist bills totalling over $5000, of which the primary insurance is not covering any cost. My secondary insurances are covering my 62% but the mother is stating that I should be taking the insurances off the total bill and then still pay my supposed 62% after that deduction. She is not paying toward the supplemental insurances.

The supplemental insurances will cover my responsibility for the bill. Can she do this?? On top of this all the dental billing office states that they do not get involved with split billing for the parents, yet on the bills I am getting I see notations of the 62% and her 38%.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Staff

Hi Dave,

You may want to contact an attorney and ask for some additional information. It gets very tricky when dealing with the percentages and supplemental insurances. Are the dental bills being billed to only you?


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