Married living in different homes


Well I am married have 3 kids. 10;11; and soon to be 16. I work my wife works, I have health insurance. I gave the card to my wife to use. But she still uses Badger Care for insurance coverage. I told her that we have insurance and you cant use the Badger Care any longer. She still uses Badger Care and also uses the food card for groceries.

I would be more and willing to buy groceries......

So know I am being served for child support order. Why??? We are married, planning to regroup soon.
Now the state is involved with my children and going to tell me how I should raise them, how much money I have to give them???
The case was closed. I was paying support 4 12 years while we were married!!! I just dont understand the system I guess. Now I dont know if I want to be married anymore because of the confusing mess.
What is happening here and why and what is to be expected.
All 3 kids live with her.
questions, Questions...........
I live in the sheboygan county as does my Why am I being served or ordered to appear to court in Washington County?? This doesnt seem right at all.
This case worker from Washington county had called my father and said to him that I needed to call him back, that he is from the Washington County Sheriffs Department. So I called and it was the Child Support Agency. This was 2 months ago. I am very confused and imitating a Deputy on the phone is outrages and very illegal!!!!
What a mess!!!

Thank You

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