Lying to Child Support office in California

by Carrie

First and foremost, my ex-husband is, as of today, not late on child support. He will not be late on child support until September 1, 2011.

He was living in Texas, and there was a garnishment order from the state of California for child support, which is standard practice here I have been told. He moved to Pennsylvania on the 15th of July, and started work on the 20th, or the day before, in Pennsylvania.

He phoned me on the 20th to ask for our sons social security number for insurance paperwork. He said he would email me later that day his new work info so I could give it to child support here in California. He did not email, and has ignored my phone calls and emails.

Today I phoned child support here, to let them know he moved, and changed jobs, and could they perhaps phone him to get the new information. Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from local child support office asking for him. I said that was my ex-husband, and from caller ID I knew who was calling.

She asked who I was, I stated my name. I then said he can be reached at the number I gave her. She said no, she phoned and spoke to his father (who died in October 1995!), who gave her my phone number to contact him at.

I told the child support case worker that no, his father has been dead since October 1995, and if she was talking to him, she had a line to heaven or wherever he was at....and that I guarantee it was my ex-husband, trying to avoid it.

He is just trying to delay having to start paying child support because he just moved, his new wife is starting (ironically) law school, and he no doubt is hoping to have that extra money in his paycheck for a few months until the system catches up with him.

My question is - is there a penalty for him lying to a child support official on the phone? I am seeing red right now, because this was one of the lowest things he has done, and he has done some low things... and he does have a history of trying to avoid child support payments, but I will call every place in the area he lives to see if he is working there (I know the type of business to phone), until I find where he is at - I have done it twice before in the past 7 years, and will gladly do it again.

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