Lowering and raising child support

by Confused
(South Carolina)

Before my fiance and I got together, he had a one night stand with this girl and unfortunately the condom broke, she got pregnant. Earlier this year, they did a DNA test to see if it was his, turns out it is his. I know some people would frown upon this, but he chose not to have a relationship with the child, but he is paying child support. The mother called him on 4th of July and told him that she would be having him to sign his rights over and the child was to get adopted soon. She never got married, at least not yet. She did move 7 hours away in NC, quit school and her job, became a stay at home mom with her fiance (he is in the marines and supposably makes plenty of money, as from what she claims).

My fiance e-mailed her a week ago asking her if she was going through the process of having the child adopted yet or if there was any new news about things and she apparently didn't take it well that he would even ask, we haven't heard from her since September when she had asked us why she didn't recieve her child support in the full amount (its drafted out of his check every week, he has no control over amounts), we told her we didn't know, she said she didn't care about the money that the child was well taken care of.

Anyways, back to the email from last week, she was upset that he asked her if anything was going on and she told him that she was going to take him back to court for more money because she wants to put the child in daycare. He already sends nearly $300 a month, he is a full time student and works part time, he can't afford to pay more, he really can't afford what he does pay, I'm stuck paying all of our bills and to keep us up. I read on the SC child support guidelines that child support is only to be reviewed every three years. Can she raise the child support at any time or does she have to wait three years to have it looked into?

Also, we have a lot of emails with her stating that she doesn't need money to take care of the child and that she wants him to sign his rights over so the child can be adopted, could this possibly help us in court if she does decide to take him back to court? We're young and inexperienced, we just don't know what to do at the moment.

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by: Anonymous

If she takes you all back to court you should show the emails to the judge. Most judges dont care, but its worth the shot. They will ask her how she supports that baby. Why would she put the baby in day care if she is not in school or working she will need proof of her income or if she is attending school. If he was working full time at the time of the first child support order he can try and get it modified showing them he goes to school and works part time. Dont worry about your income she cant get anything from you not even if you were married, because your not legally responsible for the child.

Dads Who Pay But Aren't Involved Are Still Deadbeats!
by: Anonymous

What kind of woman stays with a man who isn't involved with his own child? That is really scary & deserves to be paying more because he is depriving his child of a real father. Shame on him and shame on you!

My daughter cries and begs me to find her Daddy because everyone else has one. My daughter's deadbeat has a girlfriend who is supportive of his abandonment. What kind of person would support emotionally damaging a child? You!!

by: Anonymous

What kind of women actually tries making things worse for a father and pushes the father away. Not a Woman. Just cause a mother and father can get along doesn't mean the mother should use the child for her personal gain and revenge. Yes i understand some fathers actually leave, but some mothers would rather not look at what they have done to push them away.

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