Lower child support In Texas

I have 3 children with my ex . they are ordering me from Texas to pay 891 dollars but i do not make that much and I have a new baby. how would i have to pay after modification ; i know there is a 30 percent for 3 children. also the mother is on child support and her mother is keeping them but they have not said for her to pay and she lives in the house with her mother who has custody along with her boyfriend; if we both on it in Texas it should be fair for both to pay ; i have gotten me a lawyer since i am not from texas and the first court through the case out but the grandmother move and went to another court house in tx. they did not ask to see my income but came up with a total after my lawyer to them to reset to another trial date. will i be obligated to pay this amount after my lawyer told them to reset and they issue a default . i dont mind paying for my kids but the mother and grandmother are roaches and want work ;

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