Legal Rights To See My Son

by Stephen Luther
(Sarasota, Florida USA)

I have shared custody with my sons' mother however recently she will not let me see him. She picks him up at school early so I cannot get him etc. etc. and it is becoming quite a mess. She says she will not let me see him anymore. That he doesn't want to see me - However, I know this is not the case. My son is 11 years old and I have had an exceptional relationship with him until this past month with her not allowing me to see him! I love my son and want to see him...but to take her back to court it is going to cost me $2500.00 and I do not have that money at this time. I do not want to give up!

What can I do legally?

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What you should do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Stephen,

Thanks for your submission. If you have shared custody it should be against the law for your ex to hold the kids from you. Actually it can also be considered kidnapping!

Here are our two recommendations:

1st. If you have your paperwork from the courts that show you have shared parenting you should call the police if she holds the children from you on your scheduled time. In a lot situations shared parenting means equal rights for both parents. If the other party is withholding the children it can be illegal and criminal.

2nd. If you cannot afford an attorney we recommend that you look into our VIP membership program. As a Vip member we offer a low cost legal plan. With our legal plan you will always have access to an attorney when you need assistance. There are many other benefits too. No parent with child support, visitation or custody problems should be without legal assistance.

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