Legal Fees

by susan
(shelby township, MI)

I am recently divorced and get child support and there is a percentage split for medical care. He pays 61% and I pay 39%. While we have no medical expenses our daughter has been getting into some trouble, recently shoplifting. I was told that this was going to cost me around $800.00. Is her Dad in any way responsible for any of these costs? The police officer told me that her Dad would also be responsible for costs but I didn't have his new address at the time and so the lawyers are sending the letters only to me.

When I called to ask if they would send a duplicate letter to her Dad they said no. Our daughter lives with me so that's the only place they'll send the letter. Everyone keeps telling me that he's responsible too but how can I enforce it. Can the lawyers legally come after me only? That doesn't seem fair. I didn't steal anything. We all reside in Michigan.

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