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In 2004 my wife and I were having marital problems. I had an affair which resulted in the birth of my second son. The mother of my child requested child support. I am ordered to pay $400 a month with another $100 in arrears. My wife and I are still together even through all this.

I paid child support every month 2006-2007. I had lost my job in 07 and fell behind. Since then we have gotten back on track but still owe arrears. My sons mother has filed for a court date to obtain the arrears and more child support.

I have not seen my son since march of 2006. She keeps moving and changing her phone number. She has also gotten married. My question is this...can I be ordered to pay even more child support? What about my oldest son with my wife? He is still supported by me. Shouldn't the court look at the fact that I have 2 children to support and not just my youngest?

When my wife asked the judge this in 2005 he told her that I should have thought about that before having an affair. Although this may be true, is it right for our son to suffer? Is there any laws in Alabama requiring the court to acknowledge the fact that I have two children that need my support?

Do I need a lawyer to help establish this and visitation rights? The first time the court stated it was at the mother's discretion. I am worried that I am going to get the raw end of this deal again.

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Yes you need an attorney to fight for your rights. You have a right to see your child. When you have court ordered visitation, she must comply or else she will fall in contempt. You need a court order!! You are apparently receiving the raw end of the deal. Request a modification as well because your other children should be calculated in your payments. Your child needs to know you so fight for your rights. Have you ever seen the child?


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