Laws Of Child Support Enforcement New Hampshire

My ex owes me thousands in child support and hasn't made a payment in months as he has a 1 year old with someone else and is currently unemployed and not receiving unemployment. I DON'T want him to go to jail, but I am not willing to close my child support services case. What are the laws regarding that in NH? So far he has lost his driver's license. Could he actually have to do jail time? He won't be making any money in there.

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Support must Be Paid
by: Child Support America Team Member

For starters check out our New Hampshire child support link below.

You may or may not be able to prevent your ex from going to jail for non-payment. Eventually the system may catch up with him, and jail time might be mandatory.

Sometimes non-custodial parents slip through the cracks because the residential parent does not press the issue. You are in a catch 22 because you don't want him going to jail, but you do want and deserve your child support.

You are correct in stating that if he goes to jail you will surely receive nothing at all. Sometimes it's about principles though. We recommend that you have a talk with this gentleman, and let him know how you feel. Maybe you guys can come up with some sort of payment plan that you both can agree on.

If that doesn't work, only you can make the decision as to what your next steps will be.


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