Keeping A Child From Contact With Father

by Sunny "VIP MEMBER".........
(Los Angeles, CA)

My boyfriend is a Non-Residential Father of a 3 year old boy who lives with his Mother in North Carolina (we live in California) they do not have any court ordered child support or visitation set up and she continuously makes it difficult for him to talk to let alone see his son unless he send her more and more money.

He does send his child money regularly even without it being court ordered but she still won't give him access to his son to even speak with him regularly. Now she is coming to California for a vacation and has told him unless he pays for their sons plane ticket she will not allow him to see his son when they are here. Is that even legal? Is that not some kind of extortion and is there anything he can do?

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Sunny,

Lee here.

Thank you so much for responding back providing us with an explanation concerning our contact us page. We also sincerely apologize for the tone of that email. We just couldn't understand why people were still contacting us when we had in bold red to read the instructions above.

You really helped us understand why, and what we can do to avoid this. Since you were the first and only person to get back with us, we wanted to provide you with a FREE VIP membership. We will send you an email to your personal address giving you your login information and passcode. If you don't know what a VIP membership is see this link:


Sunny, we strongly encourage and recommend that your boyfriend start his own child support case and visitation order.

I can tell right now that he is more than likely going to need to hire and attorney for this situation. This is due to the distance involved between California and North Carolina.

If they were in the same state your boyfriend could file his own motion for visitation and child support, but it gets a little tricky for interstate cases.

Also please understand that when he sends money to the mother it is considered a GIFT. Hopefully the mother did not go behind his back and file for child support already. If so, your boyfriend will start owing back child support better known as arrears.

Unfortunately, until he gets a visitation order in place, he has NO rights. We know it's not easy to handle this situation due to the distance, but if the mom is playing games, he MUST get a visitation order set up. See this link:

Also, tell him to do some research on the difference between the California and North Carolina child support system and laws. He can get some information on our site via this link:

If he sets up his own child support order he may have more power and control. But every states laws are different so he needs to pick the best state to set up the order.

Sunny, the boys mother will more than likely keep playing games until the father takes action. It will be a tough road but it's worth it for his son. Both deserve to be in each others life. Don't let her win this battle.

When you have other questions or concerns use this thread. Please send us a quick reply via this post to let us know you have received this message.

Take care, and we wish you well.


Your reply to my post
by: Sunny Mirzadeh

Thank you so much for the prompt reply i really appreciate it and the upgrade to VIP :-) I do a lot of web work so i know websites and it was my pleasure to help out. No worries about the tone lol i understand your frustrations.

Unfortunately as for my boyfriends situation it looks like you are right, as i type this she has told him the only way he an see his son is by taking her to court. Its all very sad and eating him alive because his son is his everything and he has always gone above and beyond for his child.

I will pass along the information you have provided to me along with the link and pray this all works out in his favor.

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