Keep Child Support From Ruining My Life

by James

My Son is now 20 years old and living on his own.

My es-wife, his mother, has for nearly 6 years now continually said to your officers that she is no longer interested in receiving child support payments. As a matter of fact, when I send money through your system, and she receives a payment, she gives the money back to me. We are currently talking about $350'ish dollars in arrearages and $300 in poundage. I have been out of work since before Christmas and have just recently started a new job.

I have had this conversation with your office within the last 30 days and told you then that I would be receiving my first check from this company on the 24th (YESTERDAY) and that I would make a payment by Friday (TOMORROW). I was at your office yesterday at 3:58pm, and you were closed and locked up. Therefore, I will be coming to your office this morning to make the aforementioned payment.

In the meantime, you have imposed a suspension on my license that went into effect on the 23rd. Yesterday, I was pulled over, ticketed and had my car impounded (which will cost me another $200 to get out). Since my new job is that of a pharmaceutical delivery person, I actually need my car and license to work. I am in jeopardy of losing my job now because of your reckless dis compassion for the real world ramifications of the decisions that you make.

With no job, I will have no money to make payments AGAIN! With no car and no license, I will have no job to make money to make the payments that are required so that my ex-wife can give me my money back so that you people will get out of our lives.

I am not one of the many thousands of "dead-beat parents" that choose not to support or parent their children. My son has spent the preponderance of his life in MY house, under MY roof and with ME paying MOST of the bills that are required to raise a child. AGAIN, he is 20years old and lives on his own.

I do not understand why your system does not have any flexibility when it comes to dealing with individual situations. The letter of YOUR law was not, I'm sure, designed to be without compassion for individual situations. Your process is, however, without consideration for our situation creating a problem that exacerbates the situation that we are ALL trying to solve.

I will, as I said, be in your office this morning and I hope that there is something that your management can do to help me remedy this situation so that I can get back to work get a couple more paychecks, get you your $720'sh and get you out of our lives. You are not helping anyone by insuring that I can not drive, get my car out of impound and lose my job. It will simply drag this BAD situation into an abismal spiral that will only serve to worsen the lives of those that you proport to be trying to help.

I would LOVE to hear your response here.

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear James,

CSA is a neutral party. We are not a child support office. You may need to get an official paper notarized stating that your ex wants to waive the arrearages and does not want to receive child support. But, If she was ever on public assistance then she cannot say that she refuses support. This then becomes a state matter and they will seek you for the back support Contact a higher person such as a supervisor or manager at the Child Support office and ask what you can do. Have you ever contacted an attorney?


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