Kansas Child Support
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The Kansas Child Support Enforcement Program was established in 1975. This program was designed to helps families with children. 

The program was set up under the Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Under this act this agency can help you with locating non-custodial parents, establishing paternity, establishing and enforcing support orders and collecting child support payments. They can even help you with establishing health insurance coverage for your children.

Kansas Child Support

Kansas Child Support Enforcement Services

You can apply for Kansas Child Support services if you are the custodial parent or have custody of the child. There is a small one time fee of up 25 dollars to apply. The fee is waived if you are receiving the temporary assistance for Families program.

Children that are in Foster Care are automatically referred to CSE for child support/medical support services. Services are available regardless of the appli-cant’s income.

Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity is the legal way to find out if the child is legally yours as a father, If a child’s mother was not married at the time the child was born. The benefits of establishing paternity is once paternity is legally established, a child gains many rights and privileges.

These rights and privileges are very important and your child is worth it. These rights are child support, medical benefits, Life insurance benefits, Social Security and Veteran’s benefits and the right to inherit from the non-custodial parent.

How is paternity established voluntarily?

Kansas’s hospitals give unmarried parents of a newborn the chance to acknowledge the father’s paternity and have his name put on the birth certificate.

If papers are not signed at the time of the child’s birth, the parents may go to the local Kansas court to sign forms and have the father’s name added to the birth certificate.

A father may sign a voluntary agreement and agreed order establishing paternity that is filed with the court.

What if he denies he is the father, or is not sure?

Kansas Child Support Agency can arrange for genetic testing which can find a probability of paternity and can establish a legal establishment of paternity. Genetic testing has an accuracy range of between 90 and 99 percent.

The non-custodial parent may be charged the cost of genetic testing if the results prove he is the father. If he is not the father, the State of Kansas will pay for the testing.

Income Withholding Orders

An Income Withholding Order is a continuing order requiring an employer to withhold a set dollar amount from all pay periods of an employee who is responsible for child support.

Income Withholding Orders are issued by a court or child support agency of the state where the child support case was started. Income withholding is required in all new or modified orders since 1990 and therefore does not necessarily indicate that the employee has failed to pay child support as ordered.

These orders differ from a wage garnishment that is generally for a limited period of time and requires the withholding of a percentage of the wages as opposed to a set dollar amount.

Types of income withholding:

  • Administrative Order: A notice to withhold income for child support issued by the state child support agency.
  • Judicial: issued by a judge of a Kansas State district court.

Passport Denial

States certify cases for passport denial when someone owes $2500 in back child support. Some states will send a release when the balance is below $2500. Other states require 0-dollar balance.

If there is a critical illness or death in the family, a state may expedite a passport release. It can generally take up to two weeks from the time the state asks to have the passport released to the time that the State Department clears it.

A couple of terms you need to know:

Contempt – A finding by the court that a person has willfully refused to obey the order of the court. If a finding of contempt is made, the court may set a punishment which could include jail. The judge may also set conditions a person must comply with or risk further punishment. Contempt actions are usually a last resort used when all other enforcement actions have failed.

Driver’s License Restriction – If an non-custodial parent is behind in paying court ordered child support, the non-custodial parent’s Kansas Driver’s License can be restricted. This information will be provided to the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles and the non-custodial parent’s license will be restricted. This restriction will allow the them to only drive to and from work.

Non-Custodial Parent – The parent who does not have primary physical nor residential custody of the child on the CSE case. A non-custodial parent can be either the father or the mother.

Child Support Modification

Once child support is set, it continues at the same rate until it is legally changed by the courts. Kansas Child Support will review your case every three years. Your case can be reviewed sooner if there is a substantial change in circumstances.

Kansas Child Support Agency can change the order by 10 percent or more if either parent asks child support to review and modify the order. Doing this could make the order go up or down depending on the facts at that time.

Is there a phone number where I can check on payments or talk to customer service?

You may hear recent payment information by calling the Interactive Voice Response system at 1-877-572-5722 (toll free).

Operators are available from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Central Time, Monday through Friday. The Interactive Voice Response system is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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