Judgement of arrears

by Mari
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

My ex-husband did not support my children as they grew even with a child support order. He kept changing jobs and doing what ever he could to not be held accountable.

Finally we did go to court and I was awarded over 38,000 and he was to pay up to 1/2 his income each paycheck and any income tax returns, etc... to catch up. He would have to pay all court costs and interest until the monies were all received. He of course complied until we went back to court 2 months later and I felt he would continue to pay correctly. As luck would have it after our check up court date the payments suddenly dropped to less than half of what was sent and within a year stopped completely.

He has not made any attempts to pay any of the monies at all for over 3 years. He received an inheritance (his father died 3 years ago) and he is now having his mother by his share of her residence so that she can continue to live in the house that she and his father built. I have contacted him on numerous occasions about these monies and he has stone walled or has had any manor of reasons why he simply cannot pay these funds.

My daughter just graduated college and my son just returned from his 4th deployment in Iraq. I have been very ill and have medical bills that need to be paid and I would like to give some of these funds to my children to help them in their lives now. I also feel that if he can find ways to legally put pressure on his mother to the point of threatening her security and place to live, he should pay the monies that he owes up as well.

Please contact me if anyone can be of help on how to manage this issue!

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