Joint State And Federal Tax Refund Taken For Ex Spouse Arrears

by Sonia

Ex executed voluntary IDO. Because monthly support is deducted bi-weekly, State of GA showed him in arrears, as they calculate the "monthly" support due. At end of 52 weeks, annualized amount is same. They seized tax refund that ex pledged to me (100%) in final divorce decree - have signed order. Now CSE will not release to me for 180 days, but have given him full credit, erasing arrears. Also, his employer is not deducting full amt. Every pay period....and it's not related to maximum % of salary allowed by fed law.

CSE will not accept Final Divorce Decree re: all refund being mine. Says they can release full amt to him, I can hire atty & hold him in contempt, as he would once again be in arrears.....and I thought they were supposed to represent me to collect support! I can file with IRS as injured spouse, but since he made more $ than me in 2008, IRS I would not get an equal split of joint refund, which I don't understand.

Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed. Can't afford another incompetent attorney. Already down $12K

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What you can do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Sonia,

Thanks for contacting us and we are sorry for your Tax troubles. Unfortunately, without legal help it will more than likely be a continuous cat and mouse hunt between you CSE and the internal revenue.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on another attorney we recommend you look into our VIP membership program. We provide a low cost legal plan that would give you access to some of the best attorneys in your state.

They will consult with you, sent letters and make phone calls on your behalf. It's the only way to get results in situations like yours.

You can check out the details byclicking on the VIP membership link to your left. You can always respond back via this post as needed.


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