Is There A Such Thing As Father's Rights?

by Ken
( Jacksonville, FL. USA)

I am recently divorced and was ordered to pay child support, which I don't mind paying. As a matter of fact, I initiated my own income deduction order when my ex-wife's attorney failed to do so. I was ordered to serve in Iraq shortly thereafter. Before leaving, I put in for another income deduction from the military, being that I had to leave my civilian job. In the meantime, I was paying my ex-wife out of my own pocket until the income deduction took effect by order of the judge. My ex-wife never reported that she was receiving these payments. She instead told the courts that I was not paying. While in Iraq, I receive notice that my income was being garnished due to non-payment of child support! I spent my entire leave at home trying to rectify this situation.

Even though I had all records of payments made to her, the IDO went into effect. Not only for the $800 I was initially ordered to pay, but, an additional $160 was added for arrearages. All because she decided not to report that she was in fact receiving support. So, she not only received my initial payment, she also received a second payment from me through the state for a supposed non-payment! Now, my problem is trying to get the IDO stopped for my military service. I come off of active duty status in October and return to my civilian job. No one seems to want to help me in this matter. If it isn't stopped, I'll be getting money deducted from a check that I'll no longer be receiving from the military and from my other job. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm willing to listen and accept assistance.

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Rights by the taking
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Ken,

Unfortunately the money you paid to your ex-wife outside of child support is considered a gift. It’s a sad shame if she wasn’t honest and didn’t tell the judge that you paid her. Many people including myself have done this same very thing.

My question to you is, do you have an attorney on this matter. Let me know by responding back to this post.


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