Is 300 A Month Enough For 3 kids In The Philippines

I'm a Filipino,my ex and I broke up not legally separated yet. 2 years ago here in the Philippines, and we were married here in the Philippines. His nationality is American and for 11 years I was in a situation forced by him that I stayed as American tourist visa holder in America and our three kids are all American passport holder...too coplicated I know. After 12 years of our marraige.

I was finally granted a green card in America after a grueling battle with the court! There I found out for the very first time that he was married before and had a daughter who he never send any child support for 18 years,he claimed he didn't know about the baby.

We move back to the Philippines on 2007,he could not find a job here so I pawned all my belongings to help him go back to the States,he promised to pay me back and send money for our kids,we have a 13 years old son,12 years old daughter and a 10 year old boy.Since then he would tell me that he earned only $2,600 a month after tax that's why he only sends $300 a month for our kids,then I called his boss and he said my ex was paid at least $5,000 a month,last week when I ask for a raise on his child support, he told me he's only making $1,300 a month forgeting all the lies he told me before about how much he really makes.

I was tolerant and patient about this for almost 2 years until I've realized how much this guy had scrude me for life... He never worked on my papers in America for reasons he wanted me to stay home with the kids and not allow me to find a job,I am a 33 year old who never have a job(never my choice,my kids was used as an excuse for me to stay home), "This has to stop!" is what I told my self and decided to fight back on being fooled at.This is why I am now looking at web sites that can help me and my kids. Clearly $300 for school,cost of leaving,clothes for 3 kids is not enough even living in a third world country! I need you help Please!

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for your concerns. You will have to contact the Child Support office and have them determine this amount. Is your Child Support order in America?


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