Interest On Back Child Support After Child Is Adopted

by cindy

When I meet my husband is 1998 he had a support order on a child that was adopted by his ex husband in 1994. He had not had a good job but try to pay here and there. When he live in state where she was he paid full support. When he moved to pa because of lost of job, he didn't pay but off and on due to jobs. When i meet him we went to a lawyer to have the order stopped and corrected.

We told the lawyer to tell them to take what they needed. The support office took 45 dollars a month. The order before adoption was 90/week. During this time they would add thousands of dollars of interest at the begin of the year. How can they do that? They are the ones that choice the amount and the order stopped.

So 3 years later they decide to take 450 dollars a month and send us a letter stating that no interest would be add. This is the support offices using their information to rob people. Now we still owe 3000 in arreages and 32000 in interest. Is their anything that can be done with this.

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by: Child Support America Team Member

HI Cindy,

Thanks for your question. The reality is that some states do have interest that accures on back support. There is nothing you can do about the back interest on the arrearages, it is a state law. It sounds to me like you may want to look into some legal help. We have a V.I.P. membership on our site you may want to check it out. Is there a court order currently for the child support?


No current order
by: Anonymous

There is not current order the child was adopted some time ago and he has been paying since.

thought it was stopped
by: Anonymous

he was not paying for a couple of year due to job lost. he would pay 50 dollar would he made extra money. i was guessing the order was stop when the child was adopted but i am looking into it. i alway thought it was stopped automately but we had to get a lawyer to stop it

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