Information On Dismissal Of Back Child Support

I have two children. My son is 20 years old and lives on his own and will be a father in October. My daughter is 18 years old and a freshman in College. My children don't receive any of the child support money. My daughter goes to college near me in the city. She comes to my home on the weekends. I give my daughter money for food, clothing, gas, and for special events at the college. I don't make that much to live on and don't have the extra money to give.

I don't mind at all sending money for my children. It's another story when you sending money to the children and they are not receiving any of the money and they're coming to you for money, you don't have.

If the arrearages can't be drop, can I redirect the funds into there personal accounts.

Thank you in advance for your assistant.

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current order
by: Child Support America Team Member

We do understand your frustration with this matter. Unfortunately you cannot redirect the funds into your kids personal accounts.

Is your current child support order finished, and you are just paying the arrears?


by: Anonymous

No, your ex-wife has been paying for your kids and most likely doesn't have a house paid off and car that she would've been able to if you would've paid your share. She is the one who did without the money and provided for YOUR child out of her own pocket, that's her money - should've locked you up years ago.

nice assumptions
by: Anonymous

Really nice...bitter ex assuming the worst in everyone. Do you have any idea what this persons circumstances are or if he is maybe disabled etc? No you don't, your letting your personal experience/judgement cloud what might be an entirely different situation.

sociopaths love collecting support money
by: stpthegreed

AS kid i grew up and didn't live my father . He never paid any child support because my parents did it how it should be done. My mom never wanted child support from him, she got off her bottom, got a job and just took care of business. If she had took the child support from my father which I love dearly, I would have never got to see him as much as I got too because he would have went broke and the only places I could have visited him would have been the underpass of a freeway , homeless shelter, or a prison somewhere because someone is looking for child support check to pay one bill. The pressure alone he would have had at that point would have made life with my dad impossible. Thankyou mom for not being greedy,hypocritical,and out for revenge. Mom might not love my dad but I do!

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