Increase Child Support Obligation

by Kris

I have been paying $700 a month in child support to my ex since Feb. 2010. In the last few months my employer has been short staffed allowing me the opportunity to work extra hours to put towards visitation expenses and old debt.

My ex has been unemployed since august 2010 claiming "unable to work due to medical reasons" and filed for an increase in child support based on that and the fact that i continue to work full time. At the hearing ex stated that it is none of my business what is medically wrong and so my child support obligation is now increased to $1100 a month.

My hours have now gone back to my regular work schedule of 32 hours a week leaving me with around $500 net pay for 64 hours of work at over $20 an hour. I also have over $600 in student loan payments each month that are discounted when figuring out support payments not to mention car payments and regular bills each month.

My ex sends the kids for visits with no additional clothes on them besides what they wear for the visit and not always dressed appropriately for the weather. I plan to appeal the determined obligation but am seeking tips and ideas to back what i plan to present at the appeal hearing. Obviously, I can't afford to turn to an attorney for guidance. Thanks for any help that can be provided to me.

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