Im Frustrated About The Child Support System

In June 2008, I was granted a divorce via default. In that decree is the order for child support along with an order for my ex not to drink when he has the kids in his possession. When the divorce first happened, Idaho Child Support told us that if a payment was made directly to me( instead of going through child support), I could fill a form out to give him (my ex) credit. Apparently, some time last year that law has changed.

I was told that I would have to pay in order to get Child Support to help me enforce the order. Although, it says on the divorce decree that this order is enforceable. Now, my ex is 7 months(including May) (the state has him 9 months behind)behind in child support and I am the one who has to pay to make sure it is taken care of. How is that right? Furthermore, my ex is on probation for a DUI, and is still not held accountable.

My ex does not talk to me about child support and when it has been brought up,there was no work and he scraping by. I was willing to work with him on that(he didnt even call me or the state), but now he is working and I still get nothing. This summer my kids go to their dads for 6 weeks, in which he is not supposed to drink. I already know that this has been violated, but again I can not enforce it because I live in Oregon and he lives in Idaho and to "prove it" without using my kids would be diffiult.

This is why I think his probation officer should step in, but I doubt that they would. So what do I do? I can not believe that there is no accountability. Why does the custodial parent have to pay to get child support when there is a court order and the non custodial parent is on SUPERVISED probation. It makes no sense. I am really frustrated and don't know what to do. I am sure that if he was turned in he probably would quit his job, in which case my kids lose their primary insurance.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

It is important that if the system is involved you use only the system. If the laws have changed then you may be required to pay a filing fee to get the case opened officially. Have you shown your divorce decree to a rep at your child support office?


continued frustration
by: Anonymous

No I haven't. The divorce took place in Idaho. In the divorce decree it allowed me and the kids to move to Oregon, however Idaho still was in charge of the child support. So I don't know what Oregon to do about it. I feel it is so wrong that I have to pay the filing fee. That is my frustration. The parent that is abiding by the law, is getting "hosed". It doesn't matter how much the filing fee is, it is the principal. It infuriates me to no end that he is on probation, and can continue to violate the law with NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

I will call my local child support, but I am sure that because it issued in Idaho they wont help. Furthermore, I am not on any assistance, so they would have no reason to go after him.

Is there any way I can call the PO (anonymously) to see what can be done? Anyone?

Frustrated with the child support system
by: Anonymous

My sons father is now 7, months behind on his child support & has never made a payment in full.
I have called the child support office & reported it meany times. This guy is on probation has no DL I have even called & gave his probation officer the paper work from the child support office Because the child support office is a joke here in wpb, Fl.
When I called the (cso) 2, mouths ago they said they had sent paper work out to the judge for none payment then when I called again this month they said that the order was canceled (Why)? And if that is the truth why is he not in jail?

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