I'm an alienated non-costodial parent

by Clarence
(Lakeland, FL)

I am an alienated parent, I say that because my sons mother always telling him things about me that is not true and I think that my son is starting to believe every thing that she says.. I have no way of getting in contact with her(The mother) except for calling her parents and trying to get them to answer the phone is like pulling teeth.. She also changed my son phone # and the gifts that I send him for b-days and holidays some times she'll give them to him and say that there from her and then tell him that I told u that ur father is a dead beat and never send anything.

She don't let my son use his last name(Yes, I signed the birth certificate with my last name and her last name is suppose to be part of his middle name)... She even when as far as having or puitting my son up to tell me that he don't want anything to do with me, but he can call and ask for me to send him stuff with out even thinking about it.. I don't know what color my son like, I don't know if he's right or left handed, nor do I know how he's doing in school or what school that he goes too.. There are a lot more thats going on here and I don't know where to start I just need help, I would love to have him back in my life with out any stress from his mother... Please, I realy do need some advice with this... Just seems like the court don't care about the father only when they don't pay then we get all of the att: from the state threatening to suspend D.L. and what ever else they want but if the mother don't wont the father apart of the child life and try and take it to court, it seems to be no justice when it comes to that

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