I'm All Around Screwed

by Adam
(West Virgina)

An order was established in April of 09, but was suspended for some reason until October of 09, I sent my the amount of order and When they finally put order in place, ordered me back support during time it was inactive. At same time they finally put order in place, I lost my job and was unemployed from October until April of 2010. They suspended my Lic while I was unemployed for failure to pay. They currently take out 55 percent of my check, leaving me with roughly 150 a check to support myself and a new born baby. I make roughly 20 to 30 percent of what I use to make and my order is for roughly what I make a month, $776. The CSEA in Ohio told me that only way to reinstate my lic was to pay 3 months back support in one lump sum or to pay difference each month of what they aren't getting, so basically my whole check.

They told me they wont take into account bills that I have since they aren't in my name. I live with my g.f and her two children, one who has cancer, so she cant not work. the only income she receives is aid from the state, which went down because my income is considered household income and can go towards bills and child care of her two kids and the one we have together and I'm currently in middle of bankruptcy. I have also been informed that they will use the tax refund offset law to take my refund next year. They are going to take money I get from deductions of children living with me to give to my ex, How is it fair and legal to take money from one child and give it to another? IS my only course of action to go before a judge and pled my case? I live in a different state and simply don't have the money to go to Ohio, I just don't know what to do.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your questions. If you and your current girlfriend have any children then you can request your child support be modified. If your case is in Ohio, then you will need to contact the county Child Support office and request the necessary paperwork. They will calculate if you have other children. This should lower your monthly payment.


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