Illnois Father Owes Back Support For 8 Years

by Milly

I just finally located my son's father again. I found out from him that he is working.An in fact he has been working since last we saw each other in 2005.He only works part time at his current job.The courts ordered support in 2002 based on my x not working. So now my x is the sole supporter of his household an is trying to tell me he can't afford to pay 49.50 every 2 weeks!Well I tried to explain that I took the order to his work's payroll department.An he said you don't understand I cant afford to pay that. An my x has no other kids. Just a woman an 2 kids that are hers.I find it unreal she doesn't work etc. no goals. So I motioned the courts to increase the support order an then something on the back support. Also my lawyer whom I am not using told me this man is in contempt My question is do you think if he makes around 500-600 month I can get at least 150.00 a month or more? After all he owes me over 7,476 in back support.

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Milly,

Thank you for your recent question to Child Support America. You can go to a this site: you will be able to enter your information to calculate support in your state. If his income has changed than you should apply for a Child Support modification. Have you applied for a modification with your caseworker?


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