Idaho child support amount set without my input

by Landon "VIP" Member..................................

First let me say, I love my son and am very close to him although I now live in Utah and he lives in Idaho. I pay for his tickets when I can for him to come down to stay with me. He is 9. I have always tried to pay support except when I was without a job for several months.

My sons mother is not working at all and is now collecting welfare so I have suddenly been hit with a past due amount of $10,000 in arrears which I have to idea where that amount came from and almost $400 in monthly payments and then told that I have to also pay for health insurance.

I only make $13 and hour and am having a very hard time paying rent, utilities, food and gas as well as my medical insurance and bills. I live with my girlfriend and her daughter and we split the cost and I have been paying my ex $200 a month this year and 2 years ago was paying her about $400 a month when I had a better job.

I don't blow money on junk. I can't even pay my car insurance, my mom has to pay it. Why don't I have any rights to submit my income and cost of insurance before they suddenly set an amount that I owe and I feel I have no hope or recourse.

I can't afford an attorney. I can't continue on this way. Do they take into account that she will not get a job???>????? I am so upset I have no idea where to turn.

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Idaho Child Support "VIP Member"................
by: CSA Staff

Hello Landon,

We thank you for becoming a valued "VIP" member. You should have received your welcome email by now, so let us know if you did not received it.

We are also very sorry about your recent child support situation through the Idaho CSEA. We need some additional information from you.

We need to know how long your child support case has been in affect and have you ever filed for a modification?

Please respond back via this post.


Idaho child support
by: landon

I was paying through the State for a couple of years until about 3 1/2 years ago and had about $2000 in arrears that I was also paying. My sons mom started working and went off Medicaid. She agreed to waive the back support and have me pay her direct so I was paying her $400 a month until I lost my job and moved to Utah a year ago. I found a new job and started working about 6 months ago and have been paying her $200 a month. She lost her job and went back on Medicaid and I just recieved a letter from the State saying that I owe $10,000 in back support and have to pay $360 plus $50 to back support and pay medical premiums as well

Back Arrears
by: CSA Staff

We think that part of the problem may be the time that you paid child support to your ex directly. When you don't pay through the child support system those payments are considered a gift and don't count for your monthly obligation.

We suggest that you contact your case worker and ask for a print out of your payment history.

If you paid your ex $400 a month for a long period of time, that could really add up causing you to be deep in the arrears.

Also, when she waived your arrears we hope it was documented via the courts. If not, it may not have counted depending on how it was waived.


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