I Was Never Served Child Support Order

I have a daughter who is now 19 years old . In 1997-98 her mother filed a child support order in our home state NC but at the the time i was living in SC. I moved to SC in 1995 lost contact for she refused to give me her number .The only contact I had was whenever she called me regarding money she said she needed.

There was never a problem with providing for my daughter her mother just wanted money in hand , spend it how she saw fit usually on her hair and nails and then she'd turn around and claim she didn't have enough which was only because she was spending it on herself . So I then began just buying whatever she said our daughter needed and stop giving her cash . So she began refusing me visitations and shortly there after I moved to SC with my job .

I became aware of the court order once i moved back to NC around 2003 once I started working . I worked that job for 9 months and returned to my previous job in SC .

I owe over 25,000 now but I've never been served. I haven't worked now in 2 years but I have a job starting in 2 weeks . When they find me again via my social security number will i be arrested ? Are the chances greater or the less of me getting arrested if I work in the same county the order was filed in or not?I have several failure to appear but I was never formally served the order.

I have 2 other kids who by the grace of God and shear determination I have provided for and going to jail is not an option . Please help

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for your questions. If you are facing potential jail time ask about receiving a court appointed attorney. You should qualify for one. Never Ever just give cash or buy items. These are considered gifts and do not count towards your support. Have you called to see if there actually is a case open?


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