I want something done about his back child support!

by Crystal

My daughter is almost 14 and her biological "father" is well over $5,000 behind in child support. I haven’t received his $50.00 monthly payments since 2009. In which case he never made his payments unless he was incarcerated, then I would receive $4.50.

Yes $4.50, which he got to keep the remaining state pay to purchase items like cigarettes and snacks. Yet he claims he cannot work when he is not incarcerated. Let me mention his charges for being incarcerated...He smokes crack and has been charged with possession of crack/cocaine several times. Needless to say my husband and I support my child 100%, not only necessities but luxuries.

She is involved in sports which gets very expensive! I call child support too, frequently to see what is going on with the case. What are they doing to "enforce" child support, and I get told they will suspend his license (which he doesn’t have anyway) and that they are making him "look" for a job.

My husband doesn’t want his money, nor do we need it. The point is that he is getting away with no paying because nothing is being done. I want him to pay just like other parents who have children do. I don’t know where else to go from here...

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