I received ten dollars in cash assistance

by Christe
(Bessemer, MI)

I was granted child support in the amount of $622 a month for my two children staring in July or August of 2010. The father of my children employer started taking the money out weekly of $150. When I didn;t receive any money in two months I started to make calls and was told by my case worker that I had received ten dollars in cash assistance. She told me to immediately write a letter stating I did not want to receive cash assistance because I was awarded child support. She then dropped the ten dollars and I started receiving weekly payments starting on October 6, 2010. When I contacted the Friend of the Court to ask about the roughly $1500 in support collected prior to that I was told that the state kept it because I received that ten dollars and the computer program could only distinguish that I had received assistance and not the amount. I am very distraught as need that money desperately for my children and can not understanding how they can keep $1500 for $10 I was paid. Is there anything I can do to get that money back?

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