I Pay My Child Support

by Mike Z.
(Albion, MI)

I live in Michigan with my wife of 5 years, son, and have a baby due any day. I have a 16 year old daughter in Florida who I pay child support to directly to her mother. I have always provided for my children. In 1998 my daughter's mother gave custody of my daughter to my daughter's maternal grandmother. I was unaware of this and continued to pay support to my daughter's mother. A case was filed with the state of Florida for child support for my daughter's grandmother, but was closed shortly there after as it was a misunderstanding.

I have recieved documentation recently from the state of Florida informing me that they have taken it upon themselves to reopen the case and that I owe over $53,000 in arrears. I have always paid support to my daughter's mother and through out the years my daughter has lived with me on and off...my wife and I have even been so generous to allow my daughter's mother and younger sister(who is of no relation to me or my wife) to live with us when my daughter's mother had no place to live.

My daughter's mother is not willing to help me fight this because I tried to get full custody of my daughter last year due to her mother's poor life style choices. In the end we decided to drop that case because my daughter preferred not to leave her younger sister and the courts would have ruled in her favor because my daughter was plenty old enough to have a say in the matter.

The biggest problem I am having is that the economy has really hit my wife and I and we are both jobless (my wife due to complications with pregnancy) and are getting by on state assistance for the first time ever. At the present moment I cannot afford a whole lot of money for a lawyer to go to bat for me and I cannot travel down to Orlando, Florida to handle the matter myself. I have made several calls to try to get help and continue to hear that there is nothing that I can do. Any advice/help would be appreciated. Thank you~

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Proof of payments
by: Anonymous

If you have proof of the payments to the mother of the child then you have a strong case. If you can't prove that you made those payments then you will be found to owe the back child support. Your bank statements and cancelled checks should help you.

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