I Pay Child Support to Florida From Akron Ohio

by David

I just found out today that Florida is trying to hold my tax return for back child support that i am current on. I pay it through Akron, Ohio and they send it to Florida and this is the second time i have had an issue with Florida. I have worked for the same company for 7 years and they take it directly out of my pay check every two weeks. I got a letter last year saying they were going to take my license because I was 500.00 behind and when i called them they stated that this was my problem and i had to contact Akron child support. When i called Akron child support they told me that Florida child support was stupid and that they send it to them every other week and there system was not updated. I am tired of going through this and i never got a letter or anything this year saying that i was behind on child support and now my tax return is being held because they stated that i owe and i know i don’t. I need to know what i can do to stop this from happening cause now i was expecting this return yesterday to pay bills and i can’t. Is there any way to make a case against Florida for their negligence? Also what can i do to make sure every year they have all the proof they need that i paid my child support before i file my taxes and don’t have to go through this?

Thank You,
David Clark

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member


We are sorry for your tax return mishap. This type of situation is very common with interstate cases. This is because two states are involved, so things can get really messed up due to lack of communication.

We recommend that you keep in contact with both states throughout the year. You should also be able to obtiain your payment reports through both child support agencies. We recommend that you do this every six months. This way you will have a accurate account of what each agency has on file. You shouldn't have any surprises if you do this.

Also, unfortunately you can't make a case or sue child support. There are laws that protects them from law suits. Our question to you is, do you currently reside in Akron, and pay child support through summit county CSEA? You can respond via this post.


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