I owe $60,000 in child support arrears


I have a daughter who is 15 and lives with me. When she was born her mom and I lived together and I supported them both. She went behind my back and started collecting welfare. I found out a year later when child support garnished my paycheck.

I confronted her and she cancelled the welfare and child support. I received a letter stating that child support was CANCELLED and my ongoing support amount was 0. I still have this document. We were together for about a year after. When we split we agreed I would pay her $500 a month for support. (I have receipts for 95% of it.)

I started out with every other weekend visitation and then went to 50/50, after my ex went on a drug binge and was in rehab. Years later my ex decided she wanted to collect child support again.

I was informed later that she was using again) I got a notice from child support saying they opened up the old case filed years before and retroactively charged me for all those years. In amout above $130,000! Needless to say this is devastating to me and my family.

I have had full custody of my daughter going on a year now and I am supposed to pay her mom $2200 a month?!! I have 3 other children and a wife at home. My wife and I both work constantly trying to make life as enjoyable as possible for the kids but this isn't right. I did however get a credit for all the money I had paid throughout the years.

But I should not owe this money at all! I have had the same job for 13 years and have had the same phone number and lived in the same town and have always been in my daughters life. If I owed child support you would think I would have been contacted, it was no problem garnishing my checks years before when she was fraudulently collecting welfare.

Not to mention I paid her every month so it shouldn't have been an issue. Thank god I kept the receipts for what I paid! We have tried to appeal, we have hired attorneys and two years down the road we are still fighting it. The mom say's she "deserves that money and she grew accustomed to the lifestyle and it wouldn't be fair to take it from her" SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE CUSTODY!!

She lost custody of 3 of 4 of her children and is being investigated by OCS currently. Always save receipts from any child support you pay and keep all documents you receive regarding child support!!!! I have stacks of it and am still having a really difficult time getting anyone to take a look or listen. If you have a similar story or advice I would appreciate any feedback.

If this does stick, there is a serious flaw in the child support laws and something needs to be done.

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Biased Courts!
by: Anonymous

This is some BULL! How are they going to charge this man arrears? I went to court in 1994 and the judged asked my daughters mother did she want child support and she said NO. "I just want him to have a relationship with his daughter. 2 years later after I was in a bad car accident which took me over 9 months to recover from my injuries,1997 I'm back in court being charged $6500 in arrears along with 12% interest. Do realize that this is being put on his credit report monthly?! DEROGATORY! $60,000. mine got up to $20,000 and because I work in another state it reported as $40,000 because of interstate Laws. This is some Bullsh*%!

by: Anonymous

It is BS. If I hadn't saved my receipts for the money I paid all these years I would have owed $135,000! I am currently trying to fight it and I still have custody of my daughter and 3 other children. My credit is ruined, there is a lein on my house and vehicle and I cannot get a passport. The law is seriously flawed. Apparently they say they can charge a man child support retroactively but cannot retroactively take it away. One sided law??!! I will let you know how it turns out.

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