I Need Help With Paying Back Child Support Arrearages

by Leon

I have a case in Illinois whereas I owe over $45,000 in arrearages (for reasons I will explain later). I work and live in Arizona, and the support with arrearages is being deducted from my paycheck, twice, by both Illinois and Arizona. I would like to know who I can get in contact with for legal assistance because I have low-income and I reside in a state different from the case state. I would like to get the arrearages reduced, but I do not know what attorney to call (Arizona or Illinois) for legal aid. The reason my arrearages are so high is because I'm questioning if I am the actual father. At the initial hearing, I waived my rights to a DNA test, and discovered later on that the child may not be my own. I've been told by several for-profit attorneys that nothing can be done in this situation, but I am holding out hope that this is not true. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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by: Child Support America Team Member


Interstate cases can be very complicated, because two states are involved. Also you should not be garnished from both states. At this point we recommend that you look at our VIP Memberships page. We provide extra assistance you our visitors who need help. We also have an affordable legal service as well.

We do have a question for you. Why did you waive your rights for a DNA test? You can answer via this post.


RE: Reason for DNA waive...
by: Leon

I waived my rights because I believed that the child was my son at the time. My excitement for the fact that I had a son led me to waive those rights, which I now regret.

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