I Miss My Daughter In Ohio

by J

I am 33 years old. I have a little girl who will be 5 this year. In my divorce my ex was ordered to allow me to see my daughter on Wednesday evenings and every other weekend. Things were going ok for a while and then all the sudden she stopped taking my calls, moved, changed her number and now I have no way to contact her. This was court ordered! I raised my daughter from birth to 10 months since my ex wife worked and wanted me to be a stay home dad, then she took her from me. I fought for a year or two to even get visitation to her. I got visitation and then she took it away again. I miss my daughter so much and would give the world to be part of her life again. What rights do I have as a dad?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear J

You have lots of rights!! Especially since you have court ordered visitation. Your ex wife is in contempt of court and could face jail time. You have to take her back to court for contempt. She is violating a court order. Your daughter needs you! Are you paying child support? Do they have an address information on record? They cannot give you the information but an attorney can subpoena it and find your ex to serve her with the contempt papers.


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