I didn't know his income

by Sara
(Lufkin, Texas, USA)

My ex-husband has always paid child support on time. After he lost his job, he filed and "emergency" child support revision when he got a new job making less than his previous job. "EX" then lost that job and took a job overseas. He would not tell me who he was working for, or how much he was making. He only contacted our daughter a few times the whole time he was gone. He paid the support amount awarded on the earlier "emergency" support revision. I called child suppert and told them he had a new job. They did not care.

I finally had to hire a lawyer to investigate where he was working and subpoena his pay records. When I finally got the records, I found he should have been paying 4 times what he was paying every two weeks. Now the job is over and he is back in the states... unemployed. Is there a way I can get the support he SHOULD have been paying while overseas? My lawyer says I can not sue for that. The lawyer says I can only petition child support to raise the amount based on what he was making, but "EX" would likely contest it because he is now unemployed.

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